About us

Energy company “Ekopartneris” was established to implement sustainable energy projects, contributing to renewable energy policies of Lithuania and the European Union.
Our priority area of action is implementation of pollution-reducing energy projects, therefore our company decided to build a new boiler-house in Kaunas, using renewable energy sources.

In 2013, company’s proposed project received support from the EU structural funds, measure group “Increase of efficiency of energy production and use as well as use of renewable energy sources”, measure title “Use of renewable energy sources for energy production”.

In spring 2014, in parcel which JSC “Ekopartneris” leases under a rental agreement, will be launched construction of new biofuel boiler-house.

In the future the company intends to develop production of heat and energy from renewable energy sources not only by implementing biofuel boiler-houses, but also by building combined heat and power plants which use renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is our plan for the future! We aim to contribute to environmental protection and climate change mitigation as well as to promote renewable energy projects which could be advantageous and beneficial not only to the people but also to the economy of Lithuania.

Mission and aims

Reduce atmospheric pollution, produce electricity and heat from renewable energy sources and promote economy of the country as well as prosperity of the population.
Learn to save not only money but also the fresh air!

“Ekopartneris” is innovative and constantly improving company. Active participation of our specialists in the field of energy provides professional and innovative approach to energy projects.